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Criminal Defense & Traffic Law Attorney in Kissimmee, Florida

Jason Willis

Jason Willis

Attorney At Law

During my undergraduate studies, I developed a passion for helping others fight against injustices in both criminal and domestic situations. Once I got into law school, I was excited to make an immediate impact on the community. Before opening my own firm, I worked at the public defender's office and gained a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and how to help people facing criminal charges. I needed more control over the management of my cases in order to provide my clients with the time and attention they deserve. For this purpose, I decided to open my own firm and provide top-notch legal services.

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Do Not Admit Guilt. No Matter What.

When you're facing criminal charges, your mind spins multiple scenarios and what-ifs and you can find yourself in a frenzied panic. Your judgment and reasoning powers may be clouded by the emotional and psychological effects of your situation. That's why it's so important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney working for you. An attorney can help you understand your case and outline a plan to get you what you need.

If you have been stopped by a police officer, do not go with them unless they have a warrant or you have been placed under arrest. During questioning, do not confess to anything, no matter what your involvement in the matter may be. It is my job to protect your rights against law enforcement tactics.

My experience in the public defender's office taught me a lot about a variety of different types of criminal cases. Now, after years of practicing, I can navigate most criminal charges with my eyes closed. You want an attorney with sharp litigation skills and an arsenal of legal strategies on your side. My goal is to come through for all my clients without making false promises or grandiose projections.

I'll also never tell you that you have to make a deal. I'll explain the impact of every option you have available, and allow you to choose what's best for you. At the end of the day, I strive to provide the most accurate and insightful advice and guidance — because your future should never be left to chance.


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Qualified Legal Support in Kissimmee & Orlando, Florida

Whether you are facing criminal charges, dealing with a traffic offense, going through a divorce, or need general legal advice, I've got you covered. My practice encompasses many different areas of the law, and with my extensive experience, I can help you find a resolution to your situation.

If you've been pulled over for speeding, arrested for an outstanding warrant, DUI, drug charge, or any other misdemeanor or felony charge, I'm well equipped to help. As an experienced criminal defense and traffic law attorney, I have the skills and knowledge to create a strong defense against law enforcement and the prosecution's argument.

Going through a divorce or custody battle? I can help you defend your right to shared assets and custody of your children. No two family cases are the same, so you need a skilled family law attorney who will tailor each strategy to meet all of your needs. Arranging child support or visitation is very stressful, but I can help reduce that stress by taking charge of your case so you can focus on what matters most — your family.

If you are looking for excellence and honesty in legal counsel, or are in need of immediate representation, reach out to either my Kissimmee, FL, or Orlando, FL, office today and schedule a free consultation.